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A Index: decreasing
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Sunspots: 84
Forecast: Disturbed
< 10MHz: Excellent
10-20MHz: Good
20-30MHz: Good

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Αρχική  / Ελληνική Λέσχη Τηλεγραφίας / Νέα / EUCW QRS Activity Week - 25/Απρ/2016 έως 29/Απρ/2016


EUCW QRS Activity Week - 25/Απρ/2016 έως 29/Απρ/2016

EUCW QRS Activity Week - 25/Απρ/2016 έως 29/Απρ/2016

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The EuCW cordially invites all radio amateurs and SWLs to take part in the annual EuCW QRS Activity Week. This is not a contest, on the contrary, it is an invitation to slow down CW speeds and to enjoy plenty of slow Morse activity for a period of five days. The dates selected are intended to avoid weekend contest activity. The goal is not self-exposure and competitiveness but to lower the threshold for newcomers to give CW a try. The right spirit is to take part in this as a service to potential newcomers. This won't get YOU closer to any Hall of Fame, this will help others while your patience might be stretched a little.

Work any station, including members of EuCW clubs, but send only in QRS. Standard QSOs with non-participating stations can be included in logs.

The EuCW Week has a history dating back to 2001 when it was introduced by FISTS. The EuCW thanks FISTS for having this excellent idea and for doing all the work for an entire decade. Since 2012 the EuCW QRS work is organized by AGCW. Recognitions for the most active participants are issued,

Those who wish to indicate distinguished participants may include up to three votes for the special recognition "Most Readable Morse Heard" (one vote per station). If you wish not to execute this right please state this in your log, too.


From Monday 0000z to Friday 2359z in the week after the 4th Sunday in April.

    Examples:     2016: April 25, 00:00 UTC thru April 29, 23:59 UTC     2017: April 24, 00:00 UTC thru April 28, 23:59 UTC 


CW/A1A (No machine decoders allowed)


A - More than 10w input or 5w output power
B - QRP (10w input or 5w output, or less)
C - Short wave listeners.

There is also an invisible class of participating EuCW clubs. You may dedicate your participation to a EuCW club of your preference. Add your club name and number to the log please. You may publicize your club membership in your QSOs but there is no obligation to do this. I would not recommend to confuse newcomers with club acronyms and cryptic 5 digit numbers.