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Trilateral M.O.U. between Bulgaria, greece and Turkey

Trilateral M.O.U. between Bulgaria, greece and Turkey

Manos Darkadakis, SV1IW  and Viktor Tzenkov, LZ3NN signing the memorandum

The national Amateur Radio organizations of the neighboring Balkan countries Bulgaria/BFRA, Greece/RAAG and Turkey/TRAC signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The three countries have a long history of ordeal by natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, floods and other dangerous natural phenomena.  One of the first aims of amateur radio in cases of emergency is the support of the communication network of the state, where human life and property is at stake. The agreement concerns not only such support but also coverage of events which promote and strengthen amateur radio, friendship and co-operation between people like: Field Day, support of local and worldwide sports events, contact between schools with the International Space Station, Scout Jamborees and other similar events. 

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by three presidents Viktor Tzenkov, LZ3NN, Manos Darkadakis, SV1IW and Aziz Sasa, TA1E.

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How to become a radio amateur?
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