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Solar flux: "sho decreasing
A Index: decreasing
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Sunspots: 84
Forecast: Disturbed
< 10MHz: Excellent
10-20MHz: Good
20-30MHz: Good

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FOC Mechanical Key Day - 17 Ιουλίου 2013

FOC Mechanical Key Day - 17 Ιουλίου 2013
Ρόδος, 8 Ιουλίου 2013

Λάβαμε από τον Martin, IK2RMZ, E.C.M. του AGCW Club, το παρακάτω μήνυμα, σχετικά με μια ωραία δραστηριότητα που διοργανώνει το FOC (First class Operators Club):

                                       To: SV5DKL c/o GTC

Hallo Stathis,

Message from the FOC ECM:

   A peaceful and happy July to you all! (Well - in a few hours time).

   FOC Activity Dates:

   During the month of July First Class CW Operators will be holding a
   Mechanical Key Day, (pump, bug, cootie/sideswiper), on July 17th.

   The event is non contest and other CW club members are invited to join
   in. There is no need to send a log in, just communicate in CW and have
   fun. Activity is for the 24 hours on any bands that are available.

   The FOC Club Activity Day is July 18th with the G3IZD operating G4FOC,
   the club station, on all bands. Non members are welcome to contact
   either the FOC gang or the club station. Again this is non contest and
   logs need not be sent in.

   The FOC activity Band of the Month will be 10m.

Martin, webmaster

Όσοι, λοιπόν, από εσάς έχετε τα ματσακόνια σας στη βιτρίνα και σκονίζονται, ετοιμάστε τα, γιατί έμειναν λίγες μόνο ημέρες.

73/55 από τη Ρόδο

Στάθης, SV5DKL
E.C.M. - G.T.C.
G.T.C. #028