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Athens 4 February 2012


100 years of Titanic disaster
This year MRD is to remember to the sinking of RMS Titanic on 15th April 1912.
A special cross band event ( long wave – short wave ) will be on air.

Check the cqd - sos link to the left

Whole story of RMS Titanic read multilingual on Wikipedia et al!

Former radio officers are kindly requested to register for MRD 2012
Sent your details to OM Rolf who will keep the listing -> particip.pdf
A special broadcast on longwave 147,3 kHz & amateur crossband event
will be held in memoriam of the sinking of

RMS " T i t a n i c "

on 14th April 22:30 GMT until 15th April 02:00 GMT
with NWS transmitter DDH47 on 147,3 kHz in Morse code only
During 'silence periods' ( red sectors of radio clock) of former
maritime radio service the names of radio officers will be sent in
qrss3 ( 1 dot in 3 seconds !)

Calls from amateur radio on hf will be answered by DL0SWA & DDH47
Read whole "Titanic" story in many languages on Wikipedia

Event hosted by Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) & employees of TI33, Pinneberg &
amateurradio group Seewetteramt & friends of Prof. Braun Day



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How to become a radio amateur?

How to become a radio amateur?
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