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Σεισμος στην Τουρκία νεότερα

Από τον πρόεδρο της T.R.A.C. Aziz Sasa TA1E πήραμε το ακόλουθο μήνυμα

"Radio Amateurs in Turkey remain active in the response to the earthquake in Van province on 23rd October.

Assistance has been given by TRAC in setting up VHF/UHF networks to relief agencies and some traffic is also being carried on the 144MHz band. Red Crescent, the Ministry of Health, local law enforcement agencies and the local command center have been served so far.

The need for HF operations is reducing, however since there is still a government station which may operate on 7.092MHz USB. Amateurs are still requested to be careful when operating between 7.092 and 7.095MHz to avoid interference to the ongoing relief operations. "