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Orient Express Award

- The award is issued to radio amateurs or listeners who have had contacts with stations in all European cities from where the “Orient Express” was passing according to the below listed catalogue (34 total).

Athens (SV1)
Basel (HB9)
Belgrade (YU)
Berlin (DL)
Brussels (ON)
Bucharest (YO)
Budapest (HA)
Calais (F)
Chur (HB9)
Cologne (DL)
Constantinople (Istanbul) (TA2)
Dijon (F)
Frankfurt (DL)
Giurgiu (LZ)
Innsbruck (OE)
Lausanne (HB9)
London (G)
Milan (I)
Munich (DL)
Nis (YU)
Oostende (ON)
Paris (F)
Plovdiv (LZ)
Prague (OK)
Ruse (LZ)
Sofia (LZ)
Strasburg (F)
Trieste (I)
Thessalonica (SV2)
Varna (LZ)
Venice (I)
Vienna OE)
Zagreb (YU)
Zurich (HB9) 

Only contacts made after January 1st 1958 count as valid.

RULES The Award is given for contacts made on CW, SSB, Digital, or Mixed Mode.

The Award includes two categories:
1st Category: Contacts with 34 cities (all).
2nd Category: Contacts with 16 cities minimum.

A diploma shall be awarded for both Categories.

.A list with all information about the contacts is required, and the Award Manager of the national society (an IARU member) or two licensed radio amateurs must certify it.

Diploma cost for both categories is 10 IRC’s or 10 Euro.

Please send your list (or cards) to the following address:

P.O. BOX 3564
102 10 ATHENS

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