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Alexander the Great award

Alexander the Great Award

This award is intended for Radio Amateurs or Listeners who have had contacts with countries crossed by Alexander The Great. One contact counts from each country, except for Greece with which at least two contacts should be made, one of them being SV2 call area (Macedonia).

The Award includes two categories:

1st Category: A diploma plus a Plaque with the face of Alexander The Great will be awarded for Contacts with all countries listed below (24 total)

2nd Category: A diploma will be awarded for Contacts with 15 countries (SV2 and SV or SV5 obligatory)
A list of all information about the confirmed contacts is required, and the IARU or RAAG's Award Manager must certify it. If the nominee is not a member of an association coming under IARU , they must dispatch the cards.

All Bands may be used for the contacts and SSB, CW, RTTY or Mixed Mode.
Valid contacts made only after January 1st 1958.

 SV Greece                          
 SV2 Macedonia                            
 SV2/A Mt. Athos                   
 SV5 Dodecannese       
 ZA Albania                           
 Z3 F.Y.R.O.M.
 LZ Bulgaria  
 VU India 
 4K Azerbaijan 
 E4 Palestine  
 TA Turkey   
 4X Israel   
 OD Lebanon
 SU Egypt
 5A Libya
 YI Iraq 
 EP Iran 
 AP Pakistan
 YA Afghanistan
 EZ Turkmenistan
 EY Tajikistan
 UJ Uzbekistan 
 JY Jordan 
 EK Armenia  

Send your application together with 45 IRC's or 45 Euro (Category 1) or 10 IRC's or 10 Euro (category 2) to:

Category 1

Category 2


P.O. BOX 3564
102 10 ATHENS


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